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Monday, January 21, 2013

How To Attract Asian Women

How to attract Asian women, if you're not an Asian man? This mystery has puzzled men from many different backgrounds for decades – but solving it is not nearly so difficult as you may imagine. By educating yourself, and dedicating just a little time to the pursuit, you can learn the secret of attracting an exotically beautiful Asian woman.

How To Attract Asian Women: What To Avoid

The 1'st thing you must do is leave any stereotypical beliefs behind. Movies and TV have stereotyped Asian women as soft spoken Geishas, who exist for the sole purpose of pleasing the man who rules their world, and as prostitutes and exotic dancers. Asian females are often typecast as peasants, who will do anything for a chance at a better life. None of these stereotypes are true!

The second thing you’ve got to avoid, is admitting out loud that you have a big thing for Asian women. If you do that, you’re screwed. You have just admitted to a woman that you view her as a sex object. If you make this mistake, there is no saving face – go on your way and promise yourself you will do better next time.

Where To Meet Asian Women

Now that you know what not to do, you need to know where to meet those women you want so badly to attract. While it may seem clichĂ©, some Asian restaurants are a good place to meet exotic women, and so are clubs owned by Asians. Large groups of beautiful Asian women tend to frequent these places – but be sure to look for the right kind of restaurants and clubs. Hint: Panda Express might be a good place to eat, but it is not the kind of restaurant you’ll be most likely to meet a variety of Asian women in! Look for small, family-operated restaurants that serve the most authentic food., for your best chance at attracting the kind of woman you want.

Asian clubs often hold dances, which are designed as meet-and-greets of a sort, so as long as you're respectful to the women who are there, you should be welcomed with open arms.

The third place you can go to attract an Asian woman is an Asian grocery store. How to attract Asian women in a store like this? Basically, the same way you can attract the attention of any other woman in a supermarket! Wait until you see an attractive woman, then pick up a couple of similar items and put a confused look on your face. If she shows signs of interest or offers to help you, your path of communication has been opened and you can move forward from there.

Know Your Nationalities

Many men who want to know how to attract Asian women have made the mistake of asking an Asian women what her nationality is. Never do this! It is just another way to make the woman you want to attract feel like an object, and it will not help you move forward.

Instead, spend some time learning about different Asian cultures, and be sure to avoid any kind of stereotyping. Let the woman you want to get to know tell you about herself when she is ready. You’ll impress her – who knows how many times men have asked her silly, stereotypically-based questions in the past?

If you want to attract a beautiful Asian woman, follow these rules about how to attract Asian women. Pay attention, look in the right places, and avoid stereotyping. Once you understand how these rules work, you can attract the woman you have always dreamed of.

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