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The Tao of Badass Discount $20
When I reached The Tao of Badass website, I was actually pretty impressed with the look of it, and even more impressed with some of the teachings that this appears to have like improving inner game and teaching body language. Also it teaches you how to develop PUA routines which is essential for noobs before even attempting natural game.

But first of all, let’s begin with how I got here, and why I’m writing this review on how to meet girls. But again I have to be straight with you it’s still one of my top 3 E-books. Really, I do. And if you give me a few seconds I will tell you why this is the best guide when learning how to attract a woman, develop attractive qualities and will help with essential skills like qualifying women and ultimately mean you can get any woman. In short improve your conversational skills. So, I decided to give him a chance, and make full use of The Tao of Badass (especially the social circle game) so I sat down for an hour to read the e-book on how to attract women and get the girls. The Tao of Badass also tells you how to correct bad body language and first and foremost improve your attraction game. Meeting women and being able to attract any woman should never be hard again after reading this seduction e-book. The next stage would be to improve your direct game as I feel this is sound pick up advice.

The Tao of Badass by Joshua Pellicer is still very true to its original concepts and seduction process and as a step by step system based seduction Method there are too many interesting points to cover, which The Tao didn’t expand upon in his own Method to attract girl. Fix your inner game because the negative beliefs you have about yourself reflect on your outer world, and the women can always see that you are desperate in your attempt to pickup women. The Tao shows how to overcome that and how to get a positive mindset to become successful with women. Eventually you will be able to do day game and get even better results than using your night game.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Tao of Badass Bonus: Never Get Cheated On
When you purchase The Tao of Badass, you will also receive access to an exclusive Tao of Badass membership area and a collection of bonuses, among other things. Within these bonuses, Pellicer provides additional in-depth information that isn’t elaborated on in the The Tao of Badass eBook.

As its name suggests, “Never Get Cheated On” is a short eBook (about 15 pages) that delves into ways that men can guarantee they will never be cheated on by their wives or girlfriends. The belief at the root of the bonus is that people cheat because they aren’t getting what they need out of their relationship, which is logical enough.

How to Handle Suspicions of Cheating

If you’ve ever been cheated on, you must to know that it feels awful and can be a very hard experience to get over. However, past experiences can cloud your judgment and cause you to react poorly if you suspect your current wife or girlfriend has cheated on you. To help you handle a situation like this in the best way possible, Pellicer provides a huge list of do’s and don’ts that you can use to get through the situation and exit (if necessary) with class and self-respect.

In his list of don’ts, Pellicer advises you to avoid things like snooping, cheating for revenge, and accepting a cheating partner more than once. In terms of do’s, he suggests asking honestly, allowing your angry feelings to cool off if your suspicions are confirmed and genuinely exploring why your partner cheated to help you understand where things went wrong. Even if your relationship comes to an end, following Pellicer’s list of suggestions definitely appears to be the way of getting something positive out of the experience if at all possible.

Overall, “Never Get Cheated On” is a great bonus to The Tao of Badass because it takes an upsetting topic and allows the reader to look at it from a bit more objective point of view. Instead of giving advice and suggestions that are clouded by a victim mentality, Pellicer presents a more straightforward way of looking at cheating. Doing so allows the reader to fully grasp why it happens, understand ways in which personal growth can prevent cheating in their own relationship, use cheating relationships to understand women further and grow even more as a partner in their next relationship.
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Top 5 Pick Up Secrets

Secret 1: Show Confident Body Language

Before you do anything, you need to learn confident body language. Women don’t mind if you’re shy, but they do mind it you look like someone that is afraid to talk to them. Confident body language is the number one key to attracting women.

Secret 2: Don’t Focus On One Girl

You can’t have crushes if you want to impress girls. Crushes are when you like one girl too much. If you do that, you’ll show her too much attention and subordinate body language.

Secret 3: Be Picky

Girls like guys that don’t need them. They like guys they want to impress. You need to be picky. Get to know each girl looking for reasons not to want them, no matter how hot they are.

Secret 4: Have Life Experiences

Women also like guys with depth and a history that makes them interesting. You won’t be able to sound interesting unless you do lots of interesting things in life – things that will give you stories to talk about and more character.

Secret 5: Don’t Suck Up

Lots of girls tell boring stories, or get into boring conversation. If you laugh at stupid jokes or pretend like talking about their cats is interesting, she’ll pick up on your behavior and be less interested in you, even if she thinks she’s interesting.

 Getting the Girl

These are just a few of the most basic tips on getting girls. The reality is that winning women really is simple – it’s something you can easily do, as long as you know what it takes to attract women.

Why Your Crush Rejected You

Think of your last big crush that wasn’t interested in you. Chances are you worshipped her, and thought she was perfect. She could do no wrong. You tried to show her how much you care about her, and how you’ll make her happy, and she wasn’t interested at all. She may have even gone out with some jerk. You probably convinced yourself it’s because she’s attracted to bad guys.

That’s not it at all.

The truth is, she’s attracted to guys that she sees the exact way you see her. She wants a guy that can get any girl he wants. She wants a guy that CHOOSES her, not a guy that wants her and only her. She wants to be the one to prove to a guy that she’s worth it, not the other way around.

The reason your attempts failed is because you were trying to win her love. But women are attracted to guys that THEY feel they have to earn. It’s why they end up going out with jerks. Because jerks are the kinds of guys that don’t look like they’re begging for their affection.
So the next time you wonder why the girl you’re into doesn’t seem to like you back, you’ve answered your own question. The reason she doesn’t like you back is because she’s the only girl you’re into, and she isn’t attracted to guys that she doesn’t have to impress. Never focus on any one girl. Instead, get to know any and all women you meet, and let them fight it out over you.

Friday, May 2, 2014

3 Reasons to Make Sure You Smell Good to Women

Your money doesn’t matter nearly as much as most guys think it does. The car you drive, the house you own, the job you have – none of these things are as important as most guys believe. It’s all about your presence, and how you create and work with that presence.

But although these things don’t matter, you shouldn’t ignore them. You don’t need to have a lot of money, but it can be useful if you do. You don’t need to be good looking, but you should still try to look your best. You don’t need to do any of these things, but they can’t hurt. One of the best examples of this is with your smell – you don’t need to use man scented body washes or wear cologne, but if you’re okay with it, you absolutely should.

Why You Should Smell Good
The reality is that even if it doesn’t seem like it, those Old Spice body washes, Axe deodorants, and Polo colognes can help you when it comes to impressing girls. Guys don’t like to hear it, but those “man” scented items can actually help you get women. They have very real benefits, which include:
  • Five Senses
Smell is one of the five senses, and one of only two that isn’t covered by most dating techniques is smell. The other three senses are all part of standard techniques for meeting women. The visual is the way you carry yourself, the hearing is the conversation you have, and the touch occurs when you touch her or take up space. The only senses unrepresented are taste and smell. When you smell great, you’re overwhelming another one of her senses. You can save the “taste” sense for later.
  • Memory
Scent is also connected directly to memory. In fact, studies have shown that scent is actually the most memorable of the five senses. When you smell great, you’re leaving a memory with her. Your great scent will then be associated with you, and she’ll think more positively about you. If you also impress her with your conversation, you’ll even make her think about you whenever she smells the same scent in the future.
  • Avoiding Bad Smells
Having no smell won’t hurt you. Girls don’t need guys that smell good. But they can be a bit turned off by guys that actively smell bad. For the same reason that smelling good helps the girl associated you with the good scent, so too does a bad smell associate you with a bad scent. You don’t want to be associated with any bad smells, so using products that make you smell good help decrease the chances of any negative associations.

Smell Like a Man, Man
The non-stop advertising campaigns designed to get guys to believe that smelling good will win them lots of women are false. You don’t need to smell good. You need to carry yourself like an alpha male and do what it takes to impress women. But just because they’re not necessary doesn’t mean they won’t help. There are legitimately good reasons to smell good for women, and it’s something you should strongly consider when you’re ready to enhance your dating.

3 Qualities of a Good Story That Will Impress Girls

When it comes to learning how to impress women, lots of guys learn how to master the approach. 

It takes time, and it takes practice, but most people can figure out how to approach girls. However, the approach is only the first step. You still need to get and hold an entire conversation, and that means that you need to say things that are interested and give you the appearance of being a male of high status.

What Makes a High Status Conversation?
Your goal – both in body language an in conversation – is to give yourself the appearance of having value. To do that, you need to tell stories that show off your value. Not just any story will do – it needs to be one that really lets the girl see that you’re someone she needs to get to know better. Some of the qualities of a great story include:
  • Humor
Easily the most important quality of a good story is humor. Not everyone is funny and you shouldn’t try to force humor if it isn’t there, but if you know how to be funny, getting a girl laugh is one of the best ways to get her to loosen up around you and find you attractive. There is nothing better to getting a girl to like you than being funny, and funny stories are inherently interesting and will have you listening to every word.
  • Status
Of course, the key to a high status/alpha male story is for it to be a high status/alpha story. These are stories that make you appear worldly. They make you appear as though you have depth to your character. These are stories that make you interesting – stories about travel, or about business ventures, or about an instrument you play, or about a time that you controlled a cool/interesting situation – stories that make you someone that’s either better than other people or gives you more depth of character (like travel).
  • Uniqueness
Finally, a great story is one that makes you, specifically, unique. It’s a story that no one else can tell –a story that makes her see you as different than everybody else. Not everything has to be a unique story. For example, if you recently went on a trip to Cancun, chances are you don’t have anything too interesting to tell. But as often as you can, make sure that the stories you tell make you sound different than everybody else. Talk about specific, interesting situations you found yourself in, or unique scenarios that are specific to you.

Having a Great Conversation
Talking to women isn’t as hard as it sounds. Keeping them interested, though, does take practice. You need to stay away from the boring, generic, conversations that don’t give you any depth and instead find ways to integrate pieces of information that makes you seem like “a somebody” – stories that give you the impression of real status. That’s what will get girls to find you different from all the other boys and that’s where you’ll really make your mark.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

A good place to meet women

Men throughout the world have often asked the question—where is a good place to meet women? There are the obvious answers such as dance clubs, parties, concerts, and other similar events. In the UK guys have a fantastic place to meet women, a place where the ratio of women to men is 10 to 1! That place is internet bingo!

Internet bingo is wildly popular among women in the UK and internet bingo is heavily marketed to women 18 to 80. Internet bingo sites attract the same women night after night which leads one to believe that many are single and may be on the lookout for romance.

Unfortunately bingo has somehow acquired an image as a game played mainly by little old ladies when in reality nothing could be further from the truth. Most internet bingo players are well under 40 and internet bingo attracts a younger crowd. Most internet bingo websites have chat rooms and these chat rooms are where the ladies congregate.

Best of all, if men know what they are doing, they can join internet bingo websites for free. Most internet bingo sites offer free play or will offer substantial deposit bonuses. Using the chat rooms is the key to meeting women on internet bingo sites. Keep in mind that most sites do not require participation in every game to use the chat room. Men should search for the most popular chat room on a site. The best time to meet women on a bingo website is in the evening.

An increasing number of women are turning to internet bingo for relaxation and entertainment. Bingo is traditionally a social game and using common sense and courtesy will go a long way towards meeting women on internet bingo sites. Be supportive and polite and making friends is all but guaranteed. Internet bingo is easily one of the most overlooked places to meet women. Besides the chance to meet women internet bingo offers the chance to win a substantial amount of money too!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Being Turned Down vs. Doing Nothing

Your State of Mind
Much of what we do in a spontaneous situation where a woman we are interested in meeting has to do with our current state of mind. She will appear when you least expect it and you have to act quick if you want to have any chance at all. A rule to never forget is that a small chance is better than no chance.

Whenever I am in with some of my friends and one of them hits on a girl and gets turned down I may laugh (I usually don't though) but I always respect him for trying. If it was a woman that I too would like to have met I really cannot criticize him in any way, no matter how dumb a line he may have said to her because it was a better approach than my method, which was to do nothing.

Make a move to meet 100 women and you be successful more times than if you do it 20 times. You know that already but sometimes we need to hear it for reinforcement.

The Bottom Line

Guys that meet lots of women get rejected all the time. They are used to it. It does not bother them because they know its part of how it works. The amount of women they have met outshines the rejections, even if the rejection rate is high.

If you are interested you have to let her know, its that simple. That is the way of the world and you should be glad of that. If the tables were turned then you would have to wait for ladies to approach you and women that you want to meet might not approach you (this does not mean they do not like you).

Where To Meet Women

There is no wrong place to meet someone. If you would ask couples where and how they met you would be amazed at the answers. Quite often neither person had any intention on meeting the other at the time and it just happened. We are excluding people trying to meet via a dating service whether it be online or not as those people obviously were looking to meet others.

There are, however, better places than others due to the number of women that may frequent them or what kind of woman is more likely to be there.

At the gym

Here you can see what shape she is in up close. Look to see if she gives you any quick glimpses that may mean she wants to get to know you better.

Here is a good joke that goes with this:

A man that just joined a fitness gym noticed a very pretty woman walk into the gym and go into the ladies locker room to change. The man said to the trainer who was standing next to him

"Wow she is beautiful! Has she been coming here for a long time?"

"For about two years I'd say." said the trainer.

"What machine in here should I use that would help me get to her."

"Outside in the lobby there is an ATM machine."
At work

Not a good place to try to meet women if you work in the same immediate area and will see each other every day or share the same boss/superiors. The big plus is you will probably know each other or at least of each other and there are many ways to break the ice having the company in common. Do not tell others in the office if you plan to ask her out. Do not tell others you are going on a date if it gets to that. Give it some time before you let co workers know and your life will be less complicated.
At the supermarket

An excellent place to meet women. Buy small amounts of goods so you can go often. Remember its a numbers game. Go to different markets one after the other the same day even. Walking around will get you some exercise and if you notice prices you can even save yourself a good amount of money over time.

Notice what she is buying. If she is buying pampers and you do not want a woman with very young kids then maybe that can tip you off.

A man shopping in a grocery store by himself can be a target for single women looking for a guy so dress decent too. Notice if she gives you any sign that she is interested. As a guy you are allowed to know nothing about cooking so ask her if she knows anything about making brown rice. Ask her if she marinates a steak before cooking. It does not matter what you say because if she is interested at all she will be glad you broke the ice. You can even leave her a card with your phone and email and ask her to send you instructions to make the rice or have her email you a recipe for something that you want to make but do not know how. Do what you have to do to get a link to her so you can contact her later.

Friday, February 28, 2014

How To Meet Women

Pick Up Lines - Dating Advice For Single Men
Meeting women in everyday situations

Meeting ladies online is so commonplace these days that I want to initiate this website with a way that you can meet women offline then online which is completely opposite of online dating. The two work together in this example. What if you see a woman on the street somewhere that you want to meet? This happens to us a few hundred thousand times or more in our lifetime. Meeting someone live can be tricky so some planning can't hurt. See the following example below.

This method is not new but with email it can be more effective since for her to email you as a first contact is easier and less intimidating than calling.

When you see a lady you would like to meet and it looks like trying to meet her at that time would be awkward, (she is on her way somewhere, there are lots of people around her and there would be no privacy, etc.) get her attention, smile and be polite. Do not take much time. What you do is hand her a business card with name and email on it and tell her you want to get to know her if she is interested. You can put whatever else on the card you want but do not lie about anything. Always have these cards ready! Tell her your email is on the card and you would love it if she sent you her email so you could write her back at a later time since now may not be the best time. If you want her to have access to more information about you, put your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter address or other way you can be contacted on the card. Its up to you as far as how much of your information to put on the card but I would not put too much. Leave some mystery about yourself in the air. You could call this approach a pick up line for when there is little time but it is not an agressive one and she does not have to think about responding in any way at the moment as you are just passing her information along with a short statement. If you did this to 100 ladies then at least 20 will probably contact you. Maybe none. Maybe 30. The thing is you gave it a chance and you will feel good afterwards because you just created an opportunity with nothing to lose. You will feel good that you did not chicken out regardless if she emails you or not.

Don't dwell on wondering whether she will contact you or not because either she will or won't and debating it will not alter anything but the ones that do will provide a pleasant feeling for you when you open up the email and see she has contacted you. Sort of like receiving a package from UPS of an item you bought but forgot about. Online dating is ok but there is nothing like seeing the person in the flesh from the beginning. Also remember to keep track of the cards you give out so you do not forget who might be calling. Expect to be turned down sometimes when giving out the card but so what?

Be sure to keep a memory of who you gave the card to and do not show any doubt about who she is as if to sound like you give out so many cards that you cannot keep up with who she might be. When you write or call her back, make sure you are happy to hear from her and do not mention you try to meet women this way as a regular tactic unless you want to. If she asks you if you do this regularly its up to you how you want to answer. You may want to tell her that you do it occasionally but only when you are lonely and not attached to anyone.

The odds that you will be able to meet a woman in the street are not great due to many reasons. She could be in a rush. You are not dressed well that day and you have no confidence. She may not think she is looking so good that day and might not feel confident enought to speak to a stranger. She may be with other people and not feel comfortable talking to you in front of them. There is no end to the reasons that could make this a bad time to approach her. But you probably will never see her again so give yourself a chance.

Remember she wants you to be the dominant one!

Think differently and your world can change overnight. Get out of the same mental state and condition you have been in for years (or all your life) and are used to. Every day will become more interesting and you will naturally become more experienced and learn new things. You will find you were wrong about some things too. This website mentions ways how to meet women for men that can always use a few hints, tips or advice. Its all in fun and not intended to be disrespectful to women in any way. On the contrary it may help some women meet the love of their life as that guy may like you but not know how to approach you.

Pick Up Lines

These pick up lines are of all sorts. There are funny ones, old classic ones, not serious ones and ones that cannot be explained. Try them at your own risk! Feel free to email us any good pick up lines you know of.

I'll still love you when you're old and ugly but lets not wait, we might not be able to find each other then

I cannot resist talking to you because you look just like my ex wife

I don't know whether to love you or hate you because you look just like my ex wife

I didn't know some angels don't have wings

Haven't I seen you somewhere before?

What's your sign?

Am I tall enough for you?

That skirt is so short its illegal in 12 states

Do you come here often?

Did you come here alone?

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Single Women Dating

You Can Easily Discover Where To Meet Single Women

A lot of men struggle with finding out the place they should place themselves to get to know single girls. Ladies going in groups are most often likely to check out locations just like live shows or maybe night clubs where dancing happens, beaches where they could sun and go swimming, or perhaps shopping centers with many different various things to do, specifically shopping. Because these kinds of destinations tend to be low pressure and extremely public, females feel safe acknowledging that they can chat with a male they appreciate or just move ahead if someone they don’t like arrives. Guys who know how to grab women recognize that a lot of these spots will probably be successful on their behalf and this also is why a lot of men drop by all these locations alone or having a wing man, and not in teams.

Nonetheless, please remember those aren’t the only destinations which you could meet up with single girls who definitely are hunting for men they may be excited about. If you have a peek around on the web, you are going to realize that there are numerous of dating sites where you can have fun, at the same time. These kinds of sites help make stuff uncomplicated because they give the lady a layer of privacy and let her to screen out men she doesn’t identify to be attractive. For men that appreciate discussion and therefore are not as into heading out, this can be a genuinely excellent strategy to encounter the actual lady of their ambitions.

For people who wish to succeed in relationship, all these 5 recommendations can certainly make matters easier:

- Initially, make sure to have confidence in your self, although you may have to come up with a personalized chant and just say you are comfortable in the beginning – it gets easier with training.

- Do not forget that absolutely nothing bonds similar to shared humor therefore maintain her giggling, that ought to be the second thing you focus on.

- Words of flattery as well as spending close awareness of what exactly she affirms should be the 3rd thing you focus on because then your woman is aware she is unique.

- With regard to the fourth point, try to pay for items when you can, open doors as well as accomplish other things which place you both in guy and also girl roles since that directs to relationship.

- Fifth and finally, give attention to choosing a woman that is going to make being ethical and also respectful easy since that brings to longer relationships. 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Flirting Secrets – How to Flirt With Women the RIGHT Way

As a single man, you have to know what works in order to create attraction with a woman. You have to be able to trigger her emotions in the right way so that she responds with attraction for YOU. Most men really do seem to struggle with this. Your ability to attract a woman is dependent on many factors. However, one factor that plays a HUGE role in your success with women is your ability to flirt with a woman.

A lot of guys flat out are puzzled when it comes to flirting with women. I have been out with some guy friends of mind and watched with a twinge of pain as they flirted in the worst and most awkward ways with a woman that they were attracted to.

This is one area that you cannot get wrong IF you want to be able to cause a woman to feel sexual attraction for YOU.

So, what are some flirting secrets with women that you SHOULD know?

1. Flirting with a woman should be a fun experience. If it’s not fun for you, the chances are pretty good that it’s NOT for her, either. And this is the quickest way to lose a woman, even if she is attracted to you from the beginning. You have to know how to make flirting with a woman less about the end goal and more about having a good time in the moment. The less pressure and stress that you place on yourself, the better off you will be.

2. Humor is an easy way to get the ball rolling. If you have a hard time flirting with a woman, try to make her laugh a little. You want her to feel comfortable around you and you also want her to be in a good mood. Being able to make a woman laugh is an easy way to accomplish both of these goals.

3. Do not be afraid to sprinkle in a little sexual innuendos. Done wrong, this can make you seem like a creep who is just out trying to score with women. Done right, this can easily take the flirting from a level where she is just having fun with you, to where she is starting to feel intense sexual attraction for YOU. Of course, this is what you want to happen. Just make sure that you don’t over do it. Overkill with sexual innuendos is an easy way to lose her.

Being able to flirt with a woman is a skill that you have to learn. That is, if you want to be able to create genuine sexual attraction with her. Like any skill, it takes a little time and practice. You have to learn what a woman responds to and what to avoid at all costs.

Internet Dating Advice – Tips to Help You Get the Girl

Online dating is quickly becoming more popular with all ages of people. It only makes sense that people now need internet dating advice because it is a very different way of meeting girls than the standard cold approach. I would like to give a few tips for how to help a beginner get girls through online dating.

The first and most important piece of internet dating advice I can give is to create a unique profile headline. I have had a lot of success with using a profile headline that is a cross between funny and controversial. I have received many hits with headlines like “I’m kind of a prick”. Of course you run the risk of some people taking it way too literally, but most members will still view your page with a unique headline like that out of pure curiosity.

Another good piece of internet dating advice is to post your best pictures and many of them. I suggest consulting with female friends or picture rating websites to choose the best and most attractive pictures of you. If you have bad pictures of you on your profile you are going to lose a lot of interest. This is a very easy way to get more dates. It is an absolute necessity for online dating.

The final piece of internet dating tip I would like to give is to simply play the numbers. Don’t focus on just one girl, focus on many of them. There are thousands of women on these sites and the more of them you talk to the more dates you will get.

These three pieces of internet dating advice will boost your results tremendously. Without them you are seriously limiting your potential. Remember to post a lot of good pictures, create a unique headline, and play the numbers!