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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Where To Meet Women

There is no wrong place to meet someone. If you would ask couples where and how they met you would be amazed at the answers. Quite often neither person had any intention on meeting the other at the time and it just happened. We are excluding people trying to meet via a dating service whether it be online or not as those people obviously were looking to meet others.

There are, however, better places than others due to the number of women that may frequent them or what kind of woman is more likely to be there.

At the gym

Here you can see what shape she is in up close. Look to see if she gives you any quick glimpses that may mean she wants to get to know you better.

Here is a good joke that goes with this:

A man that just joined a fitness gym noticed a very pretty woman walk into the gym and go into the ladies locker room to change. The man said to the trainer who was standing next to him

"Wow she is beautiful! Has she been coming here for a long time?"

"For about two years I'd say." said the trainer.

"What machine in here should I use that would help me get to her."

"Outside in the lobby there is an ATM machine."
At work

Not a good place to try to meet women if you work in the same immediate area and will see each other every day or share the same boss/superiors. The big plus is you will probably know each other or at least of each other and there are many ways to break the ice having the company in common. Do not tell others in the office if you plan to ask her out. Do not tell others you are going on a date if it gets to that. Give it some time before you let co workers know and your life will be less complicated.
At the supermarket

An excellent place to meet women. Buy small amounts of goods so you can go often. Remember its a numbers game. Go to different markets one after the other the same day even. Walking around will get you some exercise and if you notice prices you can even save yourself a good amount of money over time.

Notice what she is buying. If she is buying pampers and you do not want a woman with very young kids then maybe that can tip you off.

A man shopping in a grocery store by himself can be a target for single women looking for a guy so dress decent too. Notice if she gives you any sign that she is interested. As a guy you are allowed to know nothing about cooking so ask her if she knows anything about making brown rice. Ask her if she marinates a steak before cooking. It does not matter what you say because if she is interested at all she will be glad you broke the ice. You can even leave her a card with your phone and email and ask her to send you instructions to make the rice or have her email you a recipe for something that you want to make but do not know how. Do what you have to do to get a link to her so you can contact her later.

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