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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Being Turned Down vs. Doing Nothing

Your State of Mind
Much of what we do in a spontaneous situation where a woman we are interested in meeting has to do with our current state of mind. She will appear when you least expect it and you have to act quick if you want to have any chance at all. A rule to never forget is that a small chance is better than no chance.

Whenever I am in with some of my friends and one of them hits on a girl and gets turned down I may laugh (I usually don't though) but I always respect him for trying. If it was a woman that I too would like to have met I really cannot criticize him in any way, no matter how dumb a line he may have said to her because it was a better approach than my method, which was to do nothing.

Make a move to meet 100 women and you be successful more times than if you do it 20 times. You know that already but sometimes we need to hear it for reinforcement.

The Bottom Line

Guys that meet lots of women get rejected all the time. They are used to it. It does not bother them because they know its part of how it works. The amount of women they have met outshines the rejections, even if the rejection rate is high.

If you are interested you have to let her know, its that simple. That is the way of the world and you should be glad of that. If the tables were turned then you would have to wait for ladies to approach you and women that you want to meet might not approach you (this does not mean they do not like you).

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