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Monday, January 21, 2013

How to Attract Women: Step-by-Step Guide

How to attract women? Unless you’re one of those guys who seems to be born with a female attracting magnet built in, or unless you’re especially brave or gifted, you might feel like approaching quality women is something you’re just not meant to do. What if there was a way to approach women, that was easy and could cut your sense of frustration down to a negligible amount? The fact is, there are a few simple tips you can put to use that will help you learn how to approach women and be successful more often than you may have ever thought possible.

Where Are The Women? Necessary Insight

Before you can learn how to approach women, you need to know where they are. You probably know that while it is easy to find women in certain places, like the supermarket or at the gym, these are not exactly the best places to strike up a conversation.

Of course, if you do see a woman you’d like to talk to heading your way at a venue like this, don’t miss the chance! But your best odds of actually meeting a woman and getting her to talk to you are in places where a relaxed, social atmosphere is prevalent. Think venues like book stores, coffee shops and little cafes, leash free dog parks, and of course, bars and clubs.

The “Walk Away” Advantage

Many men think they need to say hello and move right along with their plan. The fact is, the guys who have the most insight into how to approach women never use the “hello” to “What’s your number?” approach. This makes a guy look needy, and, while it does express interest, it doesn’t give you a chance to prove your own social value. So, try this instead: Make a brief approach or make a quick little comment, get a response, and then walk the other direction. Get back to whatever it is you were doing.

This works because it proves you are not a needy guy, and it makes her wonder whether you are truly interested in her. Her curiosity is then transformed to interest, and you’ve got her wishing she knew of a way to get you to come back.

Second, you get a chance to test out her response to you and determine whether you are even really interested in getting to know her better. Once you have used the “walk away” approach, you can always come back later.

Observation: The Third Approach

Using a natural approach is the best way to engage a woman in conversation. While you might think that the secret about how to approach women involves a structured routine, or a slick act, change your way of thinking right now, and master the observational approach to start a conversation with a woman you are interested in. On a side note, you can use the observational approach to talk to others, like potential employers or business associates, too – not just attract women.

This approach will work best if you use it all the time. Don’t just use it on the most desirable women – practice it until it is second nature. Talk to everyone you meet, using the observational approach method so that when you finally see that one woman you can’t possibly let get away, you’ll be prepared and you won’t fall flat on your face.

Keep in mind, how to approach women requires practice and self-confidence. By utilizing these three strategies and practicing the walk – away and observational approach methods, you’ll master the art of attracting women.

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