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Friday, February 28, 2014

How To Meet Women

Pick Up Lines - Dating Advice For Single Men
Meeting women in everyday situations

Meeting ladies online is so commonplace these days that I want to initiate this website with a way that you can meet women offline then online which is completely opposite of online dating. The two work together in this example. What if you see a woman on the street somewhere that you want to meet? This happens to us a few hundred thousand times or more in our lifetime. Meeting someone live can be tricky so some planning can't hurt. See the following example below.

This method is not new but with email it can be more effective since for her to email you as a first contact is easier and less intimidating than calling.

When you see a lady you would like to meet and it looks like trying to meet her at that time would be awkward, (she is on her way somewhere, there are lots of people around her and there would be no privacy, etc.) get her attention, smile and be polite. Do not take much time. What you do is hand her a business card with name and email on it and tell her you want to get to know her if she is interested. You can put whatever else on the card you want but do not lie about anything. Always have these cards ready! Tell her your email is on the card and you would love it if she sent you her email so you could write her back at a later time since now may not be the best time. If you want her to have access to more information about you, put your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter address or other way you can be contacted on the card. Its up to you as far as how much of your information to put on the card but I would not put too much. Leave some mystery about yourself in the air. You could call this approach a pick up line for when there is little time but it is not an agressive one and she does not have to think about responding in any way at the moment as you are just passing her information along with a short statement. If you did this to 100 ladies then at least 20 will probably contact you. Maybe none. Maybe 30. The thing is you gave it a chance and you will feel good afterwards because you just created an opportunity with nothing to lose. You will feel good that you did not chicken out regardless if she emails you or not.

Don't dwell on wondering whether she will contact you or not because either she will or won't and debating it will not alter anything but the ones that do will provide a pleasant feeling for you when you open up the email and see she has contacted you. Sort of like receiving a package from UPS of an item you bought but forgot about. Online dating is ok but there is nothing like seeing the person in the flesh from the beginning. Also remember to keep track of the cards you give out so you do not forget who might be calling. Expect to be turned down sometimes when giving out the card but so what?

Be sure to keep a memory of who you gave the card to and do not show any doubt about who she is as if to sound like you give out so many cards that you cannot keep up with who she might be. When you write or call her back, make sure you are happy to hear from her and do not mention you try to meet women this way as a regular tactic unless you want to. If she asks you if you do this regularly its up to you how you want to answer. You may want to tell her that you do it occasionally but only when you are lonely and not attached to anyone.

The odds that you will be able to meet a woman in the street are not great due to many reasons. She could be in a rush. You are not dressed well that day and you have no confidence. She may not think she is looking so good that day and might not feel confident enought to speak to a stranger. She may be with other people and not feel comfortable talking to you in front of them. There is no end to the reasons that could make this a bad time to approach her. But you probably will never see her again so give yourself a chance.

Remember she wants you to be the dominant one!

Think differently and your world can change overnight. Get out of the same mental state and condition you have been in for years (or all your life) and are used to. Every day will become more interesting and you will naturally become more experienced and learn new things. You will find you were wrong about some things too. This website mentions ways how to meet women for men that can always use a few hints, tips or advice. Its all in fun and not intended to be disrespectful to women in any way. On the contrary it may help some women meet the love of their life as that guy may like you but not know how to approach you.

Pick Up Lines

These pick up lines are of all sorts. There are funny ones, old classic ones, not serious ones and ones that cannot be explained. Try them at your own risk! Feel free to email us any good pick up lines you know of.

I'll still love you when you're old and ugly but lets not wait, we might not be able to find each other then

I cannot resist talking to you because you look just like my ex wife

I don't know whether to love you or hate you because you look just like my ex wife

I didn't know some angels don't have wings

Haven't I seen you somewhere before?

What's your sign?

Am I tall enough for you?

That skirt is so short its illegal in 12 states

Do you come here often?

Did you come here alone?

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