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Friday, May 2, 2014

3 Qualities of a Good Story That Will Impress Girls

When it comes to learning how to impress women, lots of guys learn how to master the approach. 

It takes time, and it takes practice, but most people can figure out how to approach girls. However, the approach is only the first step. You still need to get and hold an entire conversation, and that means that you need to say things that are interested and give you the appearance of being a male of high status.

What Makes a High Status Conversation?
Your goal – both in body language an in conversation – is to give yourself the appearance of having value. To do that, you need to tell stories that show off your value. Not just any story will do – it needs to be one that really lets the girl see that you’re someone she needs to get to know better. Some of the qualities of a great story include:
  • Humor
Easily the most important quality of a good story is humor. Not everyone is funny and you shouldn’t try to force humor if it isn’t there, but if you know how to be funny, getting a girl laugh is one of the best ways to get her to loosen up around you and find you attractive. There is nothing better to getting a girl to like you than being funny, and funny stories are inherently interesting and will have you listening to every word.
  • Status
Of course, the key to a high status/alpha male story is for it to be a high status/alpha story. These are stories that make you appear worldly. They make you appear as though you have depth to your character. These are stories that make you interesting – stories about travel, or about business ventures, or about an instrument you play, or about a time that you controlled a cool/interesting situation – stories that make you someone that’s either better than other people or gives you more depth of character (like travel).
  • Uniqueness
Finally, a great story is one that makes you, specifically, unique. It’s a story that no one else can tell –a story that makes her see you as different than everybody else. Not everything has to be a unique story. For example, if you recently went on a trip to Cancun, chances are you don’t have anything too interesting to tell. But as often as you can, make sure that the stories you tell make you sound different than everybody else. Talk about specific, interesting situations you found yourself in, or unique scenarios that are specific to you.

Having a Great Conversation
Talking to women isn’t as hard as it sounds. Keeping them interested, though, does take practice. You need to stay away from the boring, generic, conversations that don’t give you any depth and instead find ways to integrate pieces of information that makes you seem like “a somebody” – stories that give you the impression of real status. That’s what will get girls to find you different from all the other boys and that’s where you’ll really make your mark.

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