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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Top 5 Pick Up Secrets

Secret 1: Show Confident Body Language

Before you do anything, you need to learn confident body language. Women don’t mind if you’re shy, but they do mind it you look like someone that is afraid to talk to them. Confident body language is the number one key to attracting women.

Secret 2: Don’t Focus On One Girl

You can’t have crushes if you want to impress girls. Crushes are when you like one girl too much. If you do that, you’ll show her too much attention and subordinate body language.

Secret 3: Be Picky

Girls like guys that don’t need them. They like guys they want to impress. You need to be picky. Get to know each girl looking for reasons not to want them, no matter how hot they are.

Secret 4: Have Life Experiences

Women also like guys with depth and a history that makes them interesting. You won’t be able to sound interesting unless you do lots of interesting things in life – things that will give you stories to talk about and more character.

Secret 5: Don’t Suck Up

Lots of girls tell boring stories, or get into boring conversation. If you laugh at stupid jokes or pretend like talking about their cats is interesting, she’ll pick up on your behavior and be less interested in you, even if she thinks she’s interesting.

 Getting the Girl

These are just a few of the most basic tips on getting girls. The reality is that winning women really is simple – it’s something you can easily do, as long as you know what it takes to attract women.

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