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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Internet Dating Advice – Tips to Help You Get the Girl

Online dating is quickly becoming more popular with all ages of people. It only makes sense that people now need internet dating advice because it is a very different way of meeting girls than the standard cold approach. I would like to give a few tips for how to help a beginner get girls through online dating.

The first and most important piece of internet dating advice I can give is to create a unique profile headline. I have had a lot of success with using a profile headline that is a cross between funny and controversial. I have received many hits with headlines like “I’m kind of a prick”. Of course you run the risk of some people taking it way too literally, but most members will still view your page with a unique headline like that out of pure curiosity.

Another good piece of internet dating advice is to post your best pictures and many of them. I suggest consulting with female friends or picture rating websites to choose the best and most attractive pictures of you. If you have bad pictures of you on your profile you are going to lose a lot of interest. This is a very easy way to get more dates. It is an absolute necessity for online dating.

The final piece of internet dating tip I would like to give is to simply play the numbers. Don’t focus on just one girl, focus on many of them. There are thousands of women on these sites and the more of them you talk to the more dates you will get.

These three pieces of internet dating advice will boost your results tremendously. Without them you are seriously limiting your potential. Remember to post a lot of good pictures, create a unique headline, and play the numbers!

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